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Instant Poll on:
Chelsea Kane
close-up of Chelsea Kane
Chelsea Kane
Votes this Season: 3
Rhythm Factor Rating: 5.62

Vote for: Chelsea | Others

How far will Chelsea get?


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First One Cut

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Star of the Season:
Hines Ward photo
Hines Ward
Votes this Season: 10
Rhythm Factor Rating: 7.54

Vote for: Hines | Others
Rhythm Factor Leaders:
Best Dancer:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Stylish:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Graceful:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Charismatic:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Stamina:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Passionate:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Sexiest Looks:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
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