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Americas Next Top Model - Defining the Fierce Factor
by Edward Ganges

Each Cycle, Tyra brings us further into the lives of the most beautiful contestants Reality TV has ever seen - to teach them how to be "Fierce" and how to impact the world like a supermodel! For America's Next Top Model, the "Fierce" factors are Hair, Face, Breasts, Butt, Legs, Grace, Charm and Walk! In THIS article (and it's sub articles), we teach YOU how to be Fierce too...

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American Idol - Season 10

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Scotty McCreery
IT Factor Rating: (7.43)
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Ashton Jones
IT Factor Rating: (unrated)
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The Next Season Is Coming Soon...

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Pickers Season 2
Picker Factor Rating: 8.70

Bachelor Season 14
Marriage Factor Rating: 0.00
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