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This download IS Free, but you must be a registered user to download the free Battle Babes Automated Dialing software (includes Aqualuna, Frioella, Fuegagata, Magmama, Scarlet Viper and Tenishi.
Registration is quick and easy, PLUS it allows us to add your votes to our national pool of information.

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Get The One Vote Dailer To Rule Them All

Want to give your favorite BattleBabes 1 contestants an equal advantage? With the Automatic Phone Dialer, you can make automated phone calls for as many or as few contestants as you like - unattended and all at the same time!!

Our amazing solution includes dialing options for all of the remaining contestants, including the Aqualuna automatic dialer, Frioella automated dialing solution, Fuegagata automatic dialer, Magmama automatic voting program, Scarlet Viper and Tenishi automated dialing solution.

PLUS - we deliver instant feedback on the results based on our nationwide voting pool!
PLUS - Your entire Idol voting experience is integrated into one easy to use design - including this very website!
And of course there is more to come.

So, Enjoy the show, and have fun Dialing!!

Cast The Vote, Know The Vote, Trust The Vote, Vote A Lot!

Our reality tv show voting software allows you to cast your vote for your favorite Reality TV Show contestants via your computer and get Instant Exit Poll voting results tracking all of the iDailer votes cast across the nation by voters just like you. Wondering if your Reality TV contestant was really in the "bottom 3"? Wonder no more! Our Instant Poll technology will keep you up-to-the-minute on how our nation wide user group is affecting the ACTUAL vote for your favorite Reality TV Show (including America's Got Talent, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance and The Voice)!

Together we can do all of the following:

  • Cast The Vote! - Your computer's modem is all you need to cast hundreds of votes for your favorites within the calling time allotted...
  • Know The Vote! - Our Exit Poll technology will allow you to track the results in real-time, either for our national user's group, or your specific peer group. You decide! And no more waiting for Ryan to deliver the results tomorrow. Unless you want to see the special performances.
  • Trust the Vote! - With our Instant Exit Poll technology, you become part of a transparent system where you have no reason to doubt the results! We don't get any benefit from hiding the details - cuz we aren't trying to profit from the results! So, what you vote is what we show! 100%. Accurate. Informative. Always.
  • Vote A Lot! - With our technology, just type in the percent of the vote you want to cast for your favorites (100%, 60%, 10%) and our software will avarage it out and do your dialing for you. You can register hundreds of votes - while the competion is only getting a few.
  • and much, much more! Contests, polls, vote for the craziest, vote for the worst dressed... Join our community and experience more more more!

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