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Ai 9 Second Vote Equals Ethnic Cleansing
By: Edward Ganges
Original Article

Thursday, March 04, 2010
American Idol Season 9, Voting Week 2 Results Show
Semi-Finals Top 20 Rounds

The show kicks off with a hyper-montage of praise laden sound bites. I watch a lot of Reality TV and therefore I feel compelled to observe: THAT was a lot of editing work. Very hypey.

User's Choice:
Didi Benami with 33 percent of the vote.
This week, our visitors threw their support behind Didi, with 33 percent of the PC Desktop and iPhone Automated Dialer (RealityTVSidekick) vote. This vote MUST have been based on sympathy and hope considering last nights performance: we'll see if it helps.

The Male Cleansing

First 5 Guys Stand Up
1st guy called: Tim Urban is justifiably worried, but Tim is safe.

2nd guy called:Todrick Hall. Todrick is left standing after his recap until the end of the first call set (John Park) is reviewed. Check below (5th called) for the result...
3rd guy called:Mike. Mike was grinning with comfort. Safe.
4th guy called:Casey. Kara's evil eye had him worried, but Casey sits back down. Safe.
5th guy called:John. Being the last to be called in the first set of 5 never bodes well. And Todrick is Safe. John is eliminated and re-sings "Gravity". It is not much improved over last night.

Second 5 Guys Stand Up
6th guy called:Lee. Bold move. Great passion, intensity. Safe.
7th guy called:Aaron. Kara enjoyed. Ellen questioned. Simon thought it was old seeming. Safe.
8th guy called:Alex. Randy thought niche was found. Ellen thought banana had ripened. Safe.

This leaves Jermaine Sellers and Andrew. Andrew goes to center stage with Jermaine and after a brief recap, Andrew is safe.

When asked if his mouthiness got him into trouble, Jermaine didn't think so. His exit performance was phenominal in comparison to the previous night. Being evicted definitely gave him a sense of calmness and he re-sang his song with far greater warmth, depth and maturity. If only; if only.

Guest Performance: Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey performs his new single "My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me" very well. Danny is vibrant and excited and has lost a little weight. He still has those same glasses though.

Apparently, Danny is going with a Country vibe, which he decided to follow after a personal off the record recommendation from Randy Travis. Now THAT's good mentoring.

Danny Gokey will be beginning a new tour tomorrow with Sugarland, in addition to some Gokey only stops. Please visit for more info.

The Female Cleansing

First 5 Girls Stand Up
1st girl called:Lilly Scott was reminded that all the judges loved it and was deemed safe.
2nd girl called:Paige was reminded that Ellen supported her despite cautions from Simon and Ellen. Safe.
3rd girl called:Katie Stevens was reminded that the song was perhaps a little "dental", but is deemed safe.

This leaves Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor.
4th girl called:Didi is reminded that her screeching cat rendition didn't fit her.
5th girl called:Michelle is reminded that her look was loved and that Kara called it "her favorite performance of yours ever".

Kara gets "put on the spot" and retracts all the good things she said last night about Michelle based on "watching it back". Kara warns Michelle and Kara is correct, of course (hmmmmm) - and Michelle goes home. No, I'm not implying anything about the "secret" results - I'm just saying.

Michelle is graceful in her disapointment speech, still looks great and redelivers a good performance.

I guess automated dialing DID make a difference for Didi.

Second 5 Girls Stand Up
6th girl called:Katelyn Epperly is safe.
7th girl called:Crystal Bowersox is safe with love, pure, raw talent and efforless a shining "moment".
8th girl called:Siobhan Magnus is safe with her big note of mixed incredibleness and terribleness.

Leaving Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown.

9th girl called:Healey was called adorable, cute, spirited and inexperienced.
10th girl called:Lacey was complimented on personality and stepping in the right direction while being unfortunately forgettable.

Simon called the prediction of the one to leave "obvious to everyone watching." He was pretty much right. Haeley is voted out and the 4 person tribute montage plays out.

Haeley sings after the tribute video. Considering the win/lose message of the song, there is NO WAY this barely 17 old fodder victim was going to sing BETTER under these conditions, so Haeley gave it her tearful best.

The Bottom 4:

John Park
Jermaine Sellers
Michelle Delamor
Haeley Vaughn

And with all that being said, America's Vote eliminates 50 percent of the [identifiably] ethnic contestants from the show. Perhaps the "minority" descended voters don't tune in until AFTER the Top 10 is selected. Needless to say, 50 percent is a large cut in diversity.

Next week:
Two more girls and two more guys go home. Leaving the diversity issue on the sidelines, it could be a rough week for Tim Urban, Paige Miles and potentially most concerned, Andrew Garcia.

See you here!

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