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Aminat photo
Votes this Cycle: 7
Fierce Factor Rating: 7.70

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Fierce Factor Leaders:
Best Hair:
Allison 11.3 factoring 6 Votes
Prettiest Face:
Aminat 11.5 factoring 7 Votes
Best Breasts:
Natalie 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Cutest Butt:
Jessica 9.7 factoring 1 Votes
Sexiest Legs:
Aminat 10.5 factoring 7 Votes
Most Graceful:
Allison 8.4 factoring 6 Votes
Most Charming:
Fo 8.8 factoring 2 Votes
Best Walk:
Aminat 10.5 factoring 7 Votes
Most Intelligent:
Aminat 9.5 factoring 7 Votes
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Americas Next Top Model - Defining The Fierce Factor
By: Edward Ganges
Original Article

The Fierce Factor. What is it?
Answer: the ability to project a total physical pressence of such impact that other persons are forced to say "Wow".

For America's Next Top Model, the "Fierce" factors are Hair, Face, Breasts, Buttocks, Legs, Grace, Charm, Walk and Brains! But how does one take these natural assets and make them FIERCE?

Guest columnist Muar-Rai has tackled just this question and has provided us with 41 Fierce Factor Tips to help YOU attain the Fierceness! Below are the tip list titles with an article excerpt from each of the Fierce Factor categories, plus links to each of the full articles:

Hair Ranking:
1st Place

The Hair:
  1. Your Hair Advertises Your Personality
  2. Know Your Hair Type
  3. Wear The Best Style for Your Face Shape
  4. Shine Is Important
  5. Trim It to Keep It Looking Polished
    Excerpt: Avoid split ends which prevents hair styles from looking polished (you wouldn’t sport unpolished nails would you.). You should undergo regular trims every 2 to 6 months depending on how often your hair grows....
  6. Ban Dandruff
  7. Hairweave an Alternative Path
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Hair Tips article here...
Face Ranking:
1st Place

The Face:
  1. Avoid Stress
  2. Know Your Skin Type
  3. Use the right Make-Up
  4. Balance Your Emphasis
    Excerpt: *Everything* can't be your most appealing feature. Pick the feature you want to promote for the occassion and keep the emphasis on the other facial features to a minimum. Don't neglect them, just let them be less maximized....
  5. Trim Your Beard and Mustache
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Face Tips article here...
Breasts Ranking:
1st Place

The Breasts:
  1. Enhance Your Posture First
  2. Work Out Your Pecs
  3. Chicken Cutlets Beat Toilet Tissue
  4. Carefully Consider Implants
  5. Get Fitted
    Excerpt: Get professionally fitted for free at any lingerie shop. Knowing your correct bra size is invaluable to selecting the appropriate bra. Equipped with knowing your size you and choose the bra that provides the best support and enhancement, usually bras with underwires....
  6. Create A Fuller Illusion
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Breast Tips article here...
Legs Ranking:
1st Place

The Legs:
  1. Shave Your Hairy Legs
    Excerpt: Hairy legs are unattractive. Shave or wax your legs, according to your preference, until they are hairless, soft and smooth (exfoliate as necessary). Using leg hair removal products is highly recommended as the products usually remove dead skin cells as well leaving you smoother and softer than shaving or waxing....
  2. Exfoliate Your Dead Skin
  3. Develop You Leg Muscles
  4. Cover Up With Make-Up
  5. Enhance Your Skin's Glow
  6. Get A Pedicure
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Leg Tips article here...
Grace Ranking:
1st Place

The Grace:
  1. Use Language Persuasively
  2. Wear Flowing Clothing
  3. Improve Your Sense Of Balance
  4. Do Not Slouch
  5. Be Feminie, but Not Salacious
    Excerpt: When walking you want to slink like a feline. not wiggle your rump like a come hither invitation. Try to keep your legs closed when sitting in public, crossing them at the ankle....
  6. Don't Be Too Loud
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Grace Tips article here...
Charm Ranking:
1st Place

The Charm:
  1. Smile As Often As You Can
  2. Express Your Manners (and Avoid Vulgarities)
  3. Emote A Positive Vibe
  4. Have Some Confidence
  5. Don't Be Desperate
    Excerpt: “Desperation is unattractive” (judge Paulina, ANTM Cycle 12). A desperate person makes others feel attacked by the evil spirit of “neediness” putting them off from getting to know you. Decreasing ones projection of desperation is a simple as pausing while breating....
  6. Always Be Sincere
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Charm Tips article here...
Walk Ranking:
1st Place

The Walk:
  1. Monitor Your Posture
    Excerpt: Head up, back straight and pelvis tucked in. You’ve heard it (perhaps) in grade school, and it still translates well to your attractiveness today. It should appear like you are slightly leaning back – but not so much so that the observer thinks you are forcing it or will fall down.
  2. Avoid Staring Down
  3. Be Ballsy
  4. Take Shorter Steps
  5. Sway, Don't Switch
    >> Read the full Fierce Factor Walk Tips article here...

And there we have it. Thanks to Ms. Rai, we figure that after delving into these 41 tips you'll be about as Fierce as Fierce can get! Best wishes!

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