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Bb Lead Thee Into Temptation
By: Harvard Foxman
Reprinted by permission of:

Lead Thee Into Temptation?

One of the challenges for kids and parents is to agree on what is acceptable behavior and who is acceptable to be friends with. The temptation is to always do exciting things and be with exciting people. This can sometimes get you into trouble.

If you do something dangerous or illegal, you likely will have to face the consequences. Speeding your car and shoplifting are two examples. One example is much less clear. The one involving the dangerous girl. The ancient Greeks wrote of sirens who would lure you by their singing to your death on the rocks at sea. Today the consequences are usually less dramatic, but still painful.

Psykokyss™ (pronounced psy-KO-kyss) is one of our troubled characters. She was abused and now she is back for revenge. Her body is built for fun, but her head is full of trouble. Many boys who just respond to her body are filled with regret when she hits them with her terrible forces and powers. She seizes their minds and makes them into her slaves. How many of you have seen the same thing take place; a girl abusing a boy and he just smiling and taking it? He even seems to enjoy it. That is the power some girls have.

We like to explore these situations in our comics. They may have far out locations and our characters have a wide range of super powers, but inside they are all human. Their minds are just like yours and respond in similar ways. The beauty of it all is that there are no lasting effects to our misadventures in the comics. Sure, a world may be destroyed and some minor characters killed off, but there will be new worlds and new characters next time.

We enjoy doing whatever it takes to make each adventure fun and memorable. The boundaries of everyday life disappear in the comics. That is why people of all ages enjoy them and love to see what the characters will come up with next. We will continue to find new misadventures for Psykokyss. She might even meet a guy she cannot control. Please stay tuned for her future stories.

In the meantime, please let me know which trouble you would like to see her cause or get into. We enjoy your feedback and want to create stories that you enjoy. We will continue our quest for ever more interesting characters that make our readers eagerly anticipate each new issue.

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