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Mollee Gray
Votes this Season: 6
Dance Factor Rating: 8.39

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Ellenore Scott 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
Best Showman:
Mollee Gray 9.1 factoring 6 Votes
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Mollee Gray 10.8 factoring 6 Votes
Sexiest Looks:
Karen Hauer 10.0 factoring 1 Votes
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Kathryn McCormick 9.8 factoring 3 Votes
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Kathryn McCormick 10.4 factoring 3 Votes
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Sytycd Top 12 Results Recap - Top 10 Revealed
By: Edward Ganges
Original Article

So You Think You Can Dance Season 6, Vote #5
"2 of 12 Voted Off"

Okay, America, tonight we're going to get to the Top 10 - but before we do let's check in and see what "The Wife" has to say...

She is predicting Victor Smalley and Noelle Marsh to be out. She believes she is so good at this that she does not even have to watch them dance. My money for the evacuees is Karen and Nathan. Yes I said Nathan. I think Nigel has just about had enough of him.

The wife is beating up on me to clarify my opinion, so here goes: honestly, Mollee Gray might be in trouble but probably not. (I voted for her 359 times all by myself). The problem is Karen probably won't go, because she's just got the "hype" of too much Latino flavor -- unfortunately, she doesn't actually "have" Latino flavor. What she has (IMHO) is Latino "faker" flavor which isn't quite the same thing. Plus, she looks too nervous when she gets the bad news, indicating a lack of confidence (See Howard The Duck for more info). Russell should go (slightly overhyped as well), but with all the praise for him and Noelle last night it's just not going to happen. All of that being said, that's my final opinion, but I'm sticking to my first. Now onto the showÉ

The show starts off with another incredibly choreographed dance routine. Cat Deeley is looking fantastic in a silver, black, and silver short dress; in fact Adam Shankman even has to do the "google eye" thing.

First up is Ashleigh and Jacob versus Karen and Victor. For anyone who watched the show last night this is a no-brainer; in fact Ashleigh is so sure that she is not in the bottom three she did not even aware skirt tonight. It is confirmed by Cat Deeley that Karen and Victor will be dancing for their lives.

The next two couples up for competition are Mollee and Nathan versus Catherine and legacy; another blatant no-brainer with a twist. The twist is that Mollee and Nathan are allegedly the show's most popular couple - according to Adam Shankman; the downside is that Adam is obviously wrong. Mollee and Nathan make it into the bottom three, where they will dance for their lives.

The final pair of couples are Noelle and Russell versus Eleanor and Ryan. Noelle and Russell started off with a tasty Oreo contemporary piece let's see how they did... and in this first upset of the playoff Eleanor and Ryan make it into the bottom three. Nigel encourages them that even though they're not in the top six they may still make it into the top 10. It goes on the record at this point that The Wife's prediction was wrong.

And now for some Don Quixote performed by ballerina Peloma Hererra... and we are back.

Karen performs "She Wants To Move Me" by N.E.R.D. She does a good job, but does she bring us anything new? -- not really. I don't even think that she brings us a new pair of boots.

Victor performs "Village Attack" by Blood Diamond (original soundtrack). This is Victor channeling his dark side with a side dish of Adam Lambert. Notably there were no pirhouettes.

Mollee Gray performed "Will Prove" by Leroux. Okay, this performance is ridiculous - there is NO WAY she's leaving. My next editorial will be "Thank God for Mollee". -- Whoa, whoa! STOP THE PRESS: Absolutely ridiculous. I am utterly surprised the judges are not at this point standing on their feet throwing roses at the stage. There was one move at the end of Mollee's routine that defies description. My mouth is still hanging open. Let's just say: without Mollee: There. Is. No. Show. [editing note: for those of you that need a visual, think Spiderman - esce dynamic adjustments against gravity.]

I'll use the commercial break for an editorial interruption: This makes two weeks in a row Mollee has performed the Dance Of The Night while in the Dance For Your Life part of the competition; the only logical conclusion is that it's the wrong partner and/or lack of vision on the part of the choreographers.

Also during this interruption lets discuss the final two to perform: Eleanor and Ryan. Eleanor: for all of the potential that Mollee shows while dancing for her life, Eleanor leaves it on the stage during every live show. Ryan is that "secret ingredient" that lifts many of the choreographies out of "same old same old" mold and into something unique. The ability to use Ryan to create an element of contrast in size, etc. within the dance routines is invaluable; therefore he MUST make the top 10 for the benefit of the Tour. Which pushes us back to the original predictions: we have got to lose Karen and the show has got to lose (and here we change it) Victor Smalley.

Eleanor performs "Bottom" by Zap Mama. Her routine is running a little slow in the tempo and needs to up the energy quotients - this IS a competition. Unfortunately she did not up the energy level and did not perform the "best" solo. Sure, she is a VERY sharp tool, but she needs to borrow a little move innovation from her internal craftsman.

Ryan performs "Baila Biala ConMigo" by Missiego. Okay let's just say rediculous points for musculature and charisma - plus he's got mad props from the judges for being an excellent partner and the new standard for Ballroom auditioners. I've got my fingers crossed for Ryan.

Time to check out Shakira (and a huge ensemble of backup dancer girls) perform "Give It Up To Me"... and we're back.

I don't have the courage to annoy all of the Shakira fans, so I'll stick to the positives: she was Shakira, she was beautiful, the routine was visually appealing. Don't know if the song was great because it was one of those synthesized vocal routines. As a side note: she's more beautiful than ever: love the way she is getting older.

The judges return with a unanimous decision for the females: Mollee is applauded for giving it a good fight. The judges reaffirmed that Eleanor "is really a wonderful dancer and performer". Her dance technique is "absolutely terrific". Karen wa

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