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The Voice - Battle Rounds Round 2 - Season 1 Episode 4
By: KJ Lassiter, Jr.
Original Article

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
The Voice Season 1, Round 2 of the Battle rounds
The Battles Continue

Tensions get high as the Battle Round Auditions get down to the wire.


Each judge got rid of one of their team members last week in the beginning of the battle rounds. Each battle seemed to be a tough decision for the judges. In the end some dreams were crushed and for some hope was gained. Now the battles continue and the judges will have to lose another team member.


Best Of Night:
Javier Colon did a great job singing with Anjela Wolff. When he sang "Stand by Me" he sang with his own style and didn’t try to sound like the original song. I honestly think that Javier will win this competition because he is so unique.

Worst Of Night:

I honestly don’t think anyone did bad, but if I had to choose someone I would have to say Elenowen could have done better. Maybe it was the style of the song? I don’t know; but, I would say that they were the worst.

Fashion Prize:

Monica had her swag on with her collar popped on her white jacket, and the lapels pressed clean. She looked like a business woman get ready to give a presentation or something. Go ahead girl!!!!

Fashion Flubb:

Ok so my man Jared sang Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye. Now somebody please explain why he was singing the song with a bandanna on his head and all these rock star accessories. I understand that rock is his thing but you’re singing Marvin Gaye looking like you work at Hot topic. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.


Nakia & Tje Austin – Closer, by Ne-Yo
Nakia and Tje did a great job with Closer. Even though it was more of a softer tone, Nakia made it sound good with his more aggressive approach. Tje sang it more like the original with the softer tone. Although they both did well Nakia won that battle. I believe it’s because Nakia has more of a unique sounding voice. Tje’s voice is good but [and I think the Coaches agreed] there’s really nothing truly unique about it.

Jared Blake & Elenowen - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, by Marvin Gaye
Jared Blake was put completely outside of his comfort zone when Blake told him that he would be singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough with Elenowen. The thing was, he did a great job. Elenowen seemed to have the upper hand over Jared because it was more in their style. Surprisingly Jared ended up winning the battle even though it wasn’t his style of music. Christina said that Jared really sold it and I agree with her. Jared really was more active on the stage which is probably why he won. [Alternatively, Elenowen was a little too blasé - they brought no fire and ultimately got little (or half-hearted) praise from the Coaches].

Javier Colon & Angela Wolff - Stand By Me, by John Lennon
[Despite hints to the contrary in the coaching sessions footage] Javier blew the crowd away once again with his voice. I was not surprised at all when he won the battle round against Angela because I think he is a much better singer than her. I don’t think it was a fair match up for Angela, and Javier probably should have gotten more of a challenge. I must say that Angela did do a good job though [- if it had been a "who looks like a star" contest, her dress would have won her the night (Javier was NOT dressed for stardom)]; but, [despite her overall package, her voice] wasn’t good enough to win Adam and [for that matter,] all of the other judges, over.

Justin Grennan & Beverly McClellan - Baba O’ Riley, by The Who
Justin and Beverly both did a good job with this song. Even though Beverly was at more of an advantage because she knew the song and it was more in her style, Justin did do the song some justice. Beverly’s voice was much stronger and [more] "made for" that song, so that is probably why she won the battle


Once again I was not disappointed by the performances in this episode. It is clear that pretty much everyone on this show wants to win very badly. You can tell because each person that sings on that stage sings their heart out, and you can tell that they are determined to out do one another even though they are supposed to be singing “together.”


The battle rounds will continue on next week and things will heat up as the judges try to keep their best singers on their teams. Only two more episodes remain until the live shows begin; and then America will vote and decide who has The Voice.

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