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Tweet Diplomacy
By: Harvard Foxman
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Tweet Diplomacy

It had to happen. A political candidate would eventually use the tools of social media to run his foreign-policy from his bedroom. Donald Trump, our President-elect who is not even in office yet as of this writing has tweeted on Twitter how he wants to strengthen and expand our nuclear capability.

My question to him is: given we can destroy life in the world many times over, how much is enough? And also, is this the kind of statement he needs to broadcast on Twitter instead of coming out with a comprehensive nuclear policy? I believe the people of the world deserve to know in a transparent way US policy regarding nuclear weapons. They are not just a tool for strategic use. They are a weapon we must never use again. Mr. Trump seems to treat the issue like an episode of The Apprentice where he can do and say anything he wants with no consequences.

Well, considering the response from the media, including the New York Times, I hope Mr. Trump is properly chastised and will rethink his flippant tweets. I also hope our whole foreign and domestic policy is not dispensed one tweet at a time. In good conscience Twitter should strip Mr.Trump of his account and force him out of his bedroom and into the real world to make policy announcements.

Whether we agree or disagree with what Mr. Trump wants to do as president, we can agree that the big issues facing our country deserve big ideas and well thought out policies. The problems did not happen overnight and neither will the solutions. I am willing to give Mr. Trump some leeway since he never held political office before, but before he makes any drastic decisions which can affect millions, he should keep his twitter fingers in check.

With a whole nation that has many experts in all fields he does not have to do all the heavy lifting himself. Let us hope his advisers can rein him in and teach him the basics of diplomacy and foreign policy. Let us also take note to see if his promises regarding bringing jobs back to the US are kept. Promises are easy to make but hard to keep. Let us at least hold him to the same standard as we kept Obama.

Well, I am holding my breath. We are in unknown territory with a totally unknown quantity in the oval office. There is no do over button, he is there for four years. I and many others will be vigilant to hold him accountable to what he promised regarding jobs. Hold on tight. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

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