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Vicci Martinez
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The Voice 2nd Audition Singers Finalize Team Choices -
By: KJ Lassiter, Jr.
Original Article

Tuesday, May 2, 2011
The Voice Season 1, Round 2 of the Blind Auditions
The Conclusion to the Blind Auditions

Tensions get high has the Auditions get down to the wire.

Carson Daly: I honestly have no idea who this guy is but ‘m guessing he’s famous. Seems like NBC is trying to create a second Ryan Seacrest out of this guy.

Adam: It seemed like Adam missed a lot of chances, in the initial auditions, to have singers on his team that he probably could’ve done well with. I was also surprised that he was the last one to pick up his final team mate because
he seemed to be turning his chair more in the beginning of the show.

Cee Lo: I don’t believe Cee Lo’s team is all that great. Cee Lo seemed to pick up so many artist from so may different genres, and I don’t think he is that versatile. So if Cee Lo actually wins this i will be surprised.

Christina: To me Christina became a bit stingy with the last spot she had on her team. She really became less lenient with her choices.

Blake: Blake didn’t really seem like he wanted anybody on his team he rarely turned his chair. So i would say that ,like Christina, Blake was being a little stingy with his choices.

Best Of Night:
Though she did not do well her first time around I think that Lily Elise really sang the best out of anyone. She really sang her heart out, and you can tell that she wants to win this. She has a very strong, but unique voice that I find appealing. She hit all of the drops and riffs and I was kind of upset it took Christina so long to press her button.

Worst Of Night:
Here is where it gets tough because there were a lot of questionable artist, some that made it probably shouldn’t have,and some that did make that shoundn’t have. All in all i still believe that Sonia Rao was the worst out of them all. Now the looks she’s got them, but the voice not so much. Maybe there’s a spot for her in America’s Next Top Model, who knows?

Fashion Prize:
Well since all the contestants from last week were wearing the same thing(This episode was a continuation from last week) I can’t really say anything about them or the judges. Also no one’s fashion really stood out to me this time. But if i had to say it would be Dia Frampton mainly because sh seemed so calm and her style kind of reflected that.


Cherie Oakley–Gun Powder & Lead, by Miranda Lambert
Cherie did an amazing job singing this song she had a very strong voice. She seemed to really want her chance. The beginning was kind of shaky but she found herself and ended up sounding really good. I agree with Christina who said that Cherie really attacked the song. The only thing was Christina surprisingly was the only judge to turn he chair. I guess most of the judges felt she was sort of questionable for some reason. Christina also stated that it would be interesting for her to take on a new genre.

Devon Barley– I’m Yours, by Jason Mraz
Devon Barley is studying in med school? Devon has a very unique sound to his voice though he was kind of struggling with some of the notes. I think it was the uniqueness of his voice rather than the tone that got the judges attention. Adam said that Devon did have a lot of character in his voice and that he wanted to see what he could do with it. The judges that turned their chairs for Devon were Adam and Cee Lo. Devon ended up choosing Adam, and I think Adam was the best choice for Devon because of his style. Though he was kind of nerdy looking i must say he did have a good voice.

Josh Hand- Paparazzi, by Lady Gaga
Josh who seemed like more of a funny guy than a singer. This guy really sang a Lady Gaga song, a grown man. My only question is why? The sad part is he wasn’t even good. I don’t know if he was nervous or what but it was just bad. This is when i started to question whether the parents were serious when they started urging the judges to press their buttons. Because he clearly couldn’t sing so I don’t know why his parents were so anxious or maybe they were told to do that i don’t know. Cee Lo said that he lost the character in the background music. He also told Josh to follow his heart or don’t do it at all. Basically meaning he needs to give it his all next time. Even though he probably did, and they just don’t know that sometimes your all is just bad.

Raquel Castro -Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis
Only 16-years-old but she’s got a pretty good voice, not amazing, but pretty good. She did say that she had just started professional training, so I’m just curious as to what she sounded like before. she sounded kind of nervous but still did very well and got Christina to turn her chair. Blake said that he felt like Christina was the right coach for her and i agree with him because their styles are so similar.

Emily Valentine- Sober, by Pink
An interesting appearance, like a rock star business woman. She started off sounding very nervous but as she went into it it got better and better. she almost sounded like Pink a little bit. She was able to get both Blake and Cee Lo to turn their chairs. Cee lo reeled her in by spitting a little game to her and saying he’d like to check out her tattoos sometime. After she chose Cee Lo, Blake looked kind of upset as if he really wanted her on his team.

Tim Mahoney- Bring it on Home to Me, by Sam Cooke
I could tell just by the way that this guy talked that he had a high singing voice. Just like most of the contestants he started off kind of nervous but in the end it was pretty good. When Adam turned his chair he was very disappointed to see a man singing this song. he said that he needed a girl on his team but unfortunately he has a “penis.” Adam still did enjoy tim’s singing because his voice was very unique and he had his own sound.

Julie Eason- Mercy , by Duffy
AMAZING VOICE!!!!! Apparently when you are half Asian and half Caucasian you end up with a SOUL SISTA!!!! Like

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