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The Voice - Episode 3 - Battle Rounds Round 1 - Recap
By: KJ Lassiter, Jr.
Original Article

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
The Voice Season 1, Round 1 of the Battle Rounds
The Beginning of the Battle Rounds

The Blind Auditions ended last week. The judges have chosen the last members of their team. Those who had not made the initial first two rounds had a second chance at a spot on the team since some of the judges had not filled their rosters. Now this week the stakes are higher and friends become foes as the battle rounds begin.

Best Of Night:
Tyler Robinson did an amazing job with the song “Hunka Hunka Burnin Love.” He really showed off his voice and didn’t do too much with all of the runs. The runs that he did do were all at the right time, and he made te song his own. He reeled back and has a very strong performance.

Worst Of Night:
Tarralyn Ramsey though she hit every note was kind of all over the place with her runs. Some of it was just unnecessary because it real wasn’t that kind of song. Unfortunately she lost to Frenchie, and I think that that was the reason for her losing.

Fashion Prize:
Christina came out with her sexy leopard print dress, and high heels. Doing her thing while commenting on the performances, and struggling to choose who was to be eliminated.

Fashion Flubb: Nicki Dawson didn’t look like she really came to perform. She looked more like she was about to go shoot some type of action movie. She didn’t dress up like everyone else did really. The thing is it was a soft slow song so why she didn’t dress up I don’t know.


Tarralyn Ramsey & Frenchie Davis–Single Ladies, by Beyonce
Tarralyn and Frenchie both did an amazing job singing this song they both have a very strong voice. Tarralyn seemed to really want her chance and showed it by going all outwith the song. Frenchie on the the hand was more conservative with her singing. Though Tarralyn did an amazing job Frenchie came out on top and is now going to the live rounds.

Tyler Robinson & Patrick Thomas – Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love, by Elvis Presley
Tyler & Patick both did a vey good job singing this song, both sang it with their own unique styles Both have a very unique sound to their voice. Both of them came out strong, and sang the song with their on style. I do think that Tyler did the better job, but to my surprise Patrick came out on top. I just want to know why Blake chose Patrick instead of Tyler, that’s my only question. I mean, it’s probably because Patrick is country singer, and has that country sound which is Blake’s style. But I still think Tyler did a better job.

Tim Mahoney & Casey Weston -Leather & Lace, by Stevie Nicks
the young Casey Weston did a great job with this song. she said she had never done harmony before, but she did very well with it and was able to hold her own. Tim did good as well, though he sounded kind of nervous, he did do a good job as he went on. I think the Casey did the better job and she did come out on top. I kind of feel bad for Tim though cause he did he his own style going a little bit.

Raquel Castro -Bleeding Love, by Leona Lewis
Only 16-years-old but she’s got a pretty good voice, not amazing, but pretty good. She did say that she had just started professional training, so I’m just curious as to what she sounded like before. she sounded kind of nervous but still did very well and got Christina to turn her chair. Blake said that he felt like Christina was the right coach for her and i agree with him because their styles are so similar.

Vicci Martinez & Nicki Dawson -Perfect, by Pink
Both with very strong voices Nicki and Vicci did a great job singing this song. Adam said this was by far one of the best duets of the night. I agree with Adam, I think this was one of the better duets.They both showed how bad they wanted it, but, too bad for Nicki, Vicci won this battle and Nicki was sent home. I think Vicci was chosen because of her unique style of singing. But I still think Nicki can sing don’t get me wrong.

This episode was full of amazing performances and unfortunately for 4 contestants, they were sent home. Though most of performances were good there were some questionable performances. And some of the people that were cut I think shouldn’t have been. Now I‘m looking forward to next week to see what’s going happen.

Te stakes remain at their peak and the artist are pushing themselves to their limits. The battle continues and the judges will have to remove another contestant fro their team. Time to see who will be the next to move on to the live rounds where America will vote on the artist.

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