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Gritter of the Season:
Gigi Gustin photo
Gigi Gustin
Votes this Season: 2
Grit Factor Rating: 5.04

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Grit Factor Leaders:
Longest Lasting:
Riki Long 10.0 factoring 3 Votes
Most Determined:
Riki Long 10.0 factoring 3 Votes
Most Strategic:
George Foreman IV 9.0 factoring 0 Votes
Best Friend:
Riki Long 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Best Leader:
George Foreman IV 10.0 factoring 0 Votes
Sexiest Looks:
Riki Long 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Charismatic:
Riki Long 10.0 factoring 3 Votes
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We currently have three Other Stories available in this section of our eZine.
We have sorted them for you below in order of publication date. Enjoy!

>> Fox Broadcasting Stands By Controversial American Idol
     Category:   Other Stories
     Date:  05-28-2009
     Synopsis:   Fox Broadcasting and other American Idol producers are "certain" that the AT&T vote scandal is NOT a factor in the validity of the American Idol 2009 finale results...

>> AT&T Confirms Yet Denies Actions of American Idol Final
     Category:   Other Stories
     Date:  05-27-2009
     Synopsis:   AT&T confirms that they provided special technological advantage to Kris Allen fans, but denies that it had a significant impact on the vote...

>> NY Times Exposes AT&T Fraud Possibility In American Ido
     Category:   Other Stories
     Date:  05-26-2009
     Synopsis:   The New York Times has published an article that reports that AT&T offerred free, repeatable text messaging services to Kris Allen fans during the finale vote which may have unfairly altered the outcome...

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Chris Edom
close-up of Chris Edom
Chris Edom
Votes this Season: 0
Grit Factor Rating: 7.57

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