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Star of the Season:
Hines Ward photo
Hines Ward
Votes this Season: 10
Rhythm Factor Rating: 7.54

Vote for: Hines | Others
Rhythm Factor Leaders:
Best Dancer:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Stylish:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Graceful:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Charismatic:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Stamina:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Most Passionate:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
Sexiest Looks:
Sugar Ray Leonard 10.5 factoring 3 Votes
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We currently have five Editorials available in this section of our eZine.
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>> Americas Next Top Model - Defining the Fierce Factor
     Author:  Edward Ganges
     Category:   Advice, Editorials, Fashion & Cosmetics
     Date:  03-25-2009
     Synopsis:   Each Cycle, Tyra brings us further into the lives of the most beautiful contestants Reality TV has ever seen - to teach them how to be "Fierce" and how to impact the world like a supermodel! For America's Next Top Model, the "Fierce" factors are Hair, Face, Breasts, Butt, Legs, Grace, Charm and Walk!

In THIS article (and it's sub articles), we teach YOU how to be Fierce too...

>> Welcome to American Idialer!
     Author:  Edward Ganges
     Category:   Editorials, Whats New?
     Date:  12-08-2008
     Synopsis:   Wondering what the hype is about American Idialer? This article gives you the initial details and opens the door for you to find out more... !

Join the fun today! Welcome to American Idialer!

>> Tweet Diplomacy
     Author:  Harvard Foxman
     Category:   Editorials
     Date:  12-28-2016
     Synopsis:   It had to happen. A political candidate would eventually use the tools of social media to run his foreign-policy from his bedroom...

In other words, the article you've all been waiting for...

>> BB Lead Thee Into Temptation
     Author:  Harvard Foxman
     Category:   Editorials
     Date:  12-16-2016
     Synopsis:   Lead thee into temptation?

One of the challenges for kids and parents is to agree on what is acceptable behavior and who is acceptable to be friends with. This author takes a look into this dilemma and wonders if our Battle Babes can help us fight our way out.

>> BB Costumes VS Uniforms
     Author:  Harvard Foxman
     Category:   Editorials
     Date:  12-13-2016
     Synopsis:   Costume or Uniform?

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Petra Nemcova
close-up of Petra Nemcova
Petra Nemcova
Votes this Season: 1
Rhythm Factor Rating: 0.00

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